2023 Utilities in San Mateo CA: Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Utilities in San Mateo CA: A group of miniature toy workers are gathered to make it seem like they are working in a field.

2023 Utilities in San Mateo CA: Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Utilities in San Mateo CA (such as water electric, gas and electricity) are vital services that play an essential part in social, economic growth of an entire household. 

They are a part of those in the utility sector which comprises companies that provide water, generate electricity and natural gas as well as process sewage and much more. Utility companies are essential to the economy as they provide vital infrastructure to ensure you have electricity heating, hot water and sanitation that is clean when you require it. 

When you’re planning to move to an apartment or recently purchased a home, you’ll need to have your utilities in order prior to moving day to make sure you’re not going to live there without power, gas, or even Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, when you intend to sell your house, you definitely would be needing working utilities because this is required in the final walkthrough and inspection. If utilities aren’t working, these crucial steps for closing cannot be properly completed. Home inspectors will have to turn on the faucets as well as flush the toilets, begin the dishwasher, and turn on the light switches to complete their routine checklist.

In this post we will be giving you a list of utility companies in San Mateo CA to help you whenever you need it, no matter what your circumstances are. 

Utilities in San Mateo: An Electrician is fixing the cables at the top of electric post

Utilities in San Mateo CA for Water, Electric and Gas

The city’s Public Works Department does not offer gas, electric or water services for San Mateo residents and businesses. Contact the listed agencies with any questions or concerns you might have regarding these services.


California Water Service (Cal Water)

Website: https://www.calwater.com/

District Address: 341 North Delaware Street San Mateo, CA

Customer Care FAQs: https://www.calwater.com/help/customer-care-faqs/

Contact Page: https://www.calwater.com/contact-us/

District Phone Numbers: 

Customer Service: (650) 558-7800

After-Hours: (650) 558-7800

Automated Payment: (866) 735-0743

Payment Mailing Address: 

California Water Service

P.O. Box 4500

Whittier, CA 90607-4500


Pacific Gas and Electric

Website: https://www.pge.com/

Address: 275 Industrial Road San Carlos, CA 94070

Contact Page: https://tinyurl.com/krd9m3yk

Phone Numbers: 

24-Hour Power Outage Information Center 1-800-743-5002

Residential Customer Service Center: 

English or Español: 1-877-660-6789

中文: 1-800-893-9555

Tiếng Việt: 1-800-298-8438

TTD/TTY: 7-1-1 (California Relay Service)

Availability: Monday – Friday 7:00am to 7:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am to 5:00pm 

Sunday and After Hours” 24-Hour availability for emergencies and automated customer service 


Utilities in San Mateo CA for Garbage, Recycling, and Compost



Recology San Mateo County offers compost, recycling and landfill disposal and collection services to commercial and residential customers living in the cities of Belmont, Burlingame, East Palo Alto, Foster City, Menlo Park, Redwood City, San Carlos, and San Mateo, the town of Hillsborough and in the County of San Mateo and the West Bay Sanitary District.

Website: https://www.recology.com/recology-san-mateo-county/

Address: 225 Shoreway Road San Carlos, CA  94070

Contact Page: https://www.recology.com/recology-san-mateo-county/contact/

Phone Number: (650) 595-3900


San Mateo CA citizens can also get in touch with Siliva Pa’uli of the Solid Waste Division of City of San Mateo at spauli@cityofsanmateo.org or call (650) 522-7297. 


Utilities in San Mateo CA for Sewer Services


The Sewer Districts

Website: https://www.smcgov.org/publicworks/sewer-services

Phone Number: (650) 363-4100 (24 hr/day)


Utilities in San Mateo CA for Cable and Internet 



Website: https://www.xfinity.com/local/ca/san-mateo/35-w-hillsdale-blvd.html

Address: 35 W Hillsdale Blvd Suite 50 San Mateo, CA 94403

Contact Page: https://www.xfinity.com/support/contact-us

Phone Number: +1 800-934-6489




Website: https://tinyurl.com/yc6x4za7

Address: 221 Primrose Road Burlingame, CA 94010

Phone Number: (650) 348-3905


San Mateo 

Website: https://tinyurl.com/4xeepskm

Address: Sixty 31st Avenue Suite 308 San Mateo, CA 94403

Phone Number: (650) 242-9151


San Mateo Hillsdale

Website: https://tinyurl.com/n7e6dcbd

Address: 31 West Hillsdale Boulevard San Mateo, CA 94403

Phone Number: (650) 312-1346



Website: https://www.t-mobile.com/

Store Location: Fourth St & B St

Address: 225 E 4th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

Phone Number: (650) 375-0817

Store Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am-8pm 

Sunday 11am-6pm


Store Location: El Camino Real and Ivy St

Address: 1934 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403

Phone Number: (650) 378-6350

Store Hours: Monday to Tuesday 12pm-7pm 

Wednesday to Thursday Closed

Friday to Saturday 12pm-7pm

Sunday 11am-6pm

Store Location: Hillsdale Mall

Address: 356 Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo, CA 94403

Phone Number: (650) 389-5807

Store Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am-9pm

Sunday 11am-7pm




FAQs Page: https://tinyurl.com/3n2m6puy

Phone Number: 1-877-481-8912

Customer Care Line: 1-866-347-3292



 Website: https://www.viasat.com/

FAQs Page: https://www.viasat.com/satellite-internet/faq/

Address: 1670 S Amphlett Blvd San Mateo, CA 94402

Phone Number: (650) 209-6073


Utilities in San Mateo CA for Security Systems



Website: https://www.regent5.com/

Address: 346 N Ellsworth Ave, San Mateo CA 94401

Phone Number: (650) 242-5745


Smart Home System Solutions

Accepts Online Appointments 

Website: https://smarthousemaster.com/

Customer Support Number: (408) 568-9655


Fire Alarm Services

Website: https://firealarmsystemservices.com/

Address: 1840 Gateway Dr, San Mateo, CA 94404

Phone Number: (650) 815-7066



Website: https://www.verkada.com/

Address: 406 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

Phone Number: 1-888-829-0668


Redwood City Alarms

Website: https://www.redwoodcityalarms.com/

Areas Served: San Mateo County and nearby areas

Phone Number: (650) 362-4841




If you’re planning to lease or buy a new house it is highly recommended that you need to establish your home’s facilities before you move in. The procedure for installing utilities in San Mateo CA is generally easy and does not take a lot of time. 

All you have to do is wait for several days, during which time the service provider will take care of your request regarding the set-up services. Once your home’s amenities are installed and everything is working properly it is now time to move in and enjoy your stay.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to sell your house, it is to your advantage that your house is fully equipped with the necessary utilities which will make closing transactions easier. 

No matter if you’re a renter, seller, or the soon-to-be owner of a property, you might require a utility connection service to ensure that your home is operating smoothly.

Lastly, what is equally important is finding the best real estate agent in your area. If you are in San Mateo CA, you have Gwen Chua of Gwen Realty to assist you with all of your real estate concerns. He can even recommend you the best service providers of utilities in San Mateo CA  as he himself has lived there for many years. 

Selecting the most suitable realtor is essential to ensure a successful and easy selling or buying experience. If you take the time to investigate, ask questions, and review the potential candidates, you will discover an agent that understands your requirements and has a demonstrated record of success, and is committed to helping you reach your objectives. 

Keep in mind that your agent for real estate is your companion throughout the entire process. So, make the right choice and trust their knowledge and advice. With the right agent at your partner, you’ll be on the way to finding the perfect house or selling the property at the highest price possible. You’ll never go wrong with Gwen. So call him at 650-255-1511 or book your appointment now. 


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