About Gwen Chua

Gwen Chua InteroA Bay Area native, Gwen grew up in Foster City and attended Audubon Elementary School, Bowditch Middle School, and San Mateo High School. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2000 with a B.S. in Information Systems Management.

Upon graduating from UCSC, Gwen’s adventurous spirit took him to Paris, where he learned that his attempt to speak the French language was dismal at best. As a result, he put on his backpack and headed to explore Switzerland and Italy instead. Bellissimo!

Gwen’s career began at two, successful start-up companies in San Francisco where he learned the value of maintaining multiple roles while working on a team amidst a fast-paced environment. These humble experiences thus allowed Gwen to succeed at Oracle as a Network Security Engineer. After five wonderful years working for one of the largest software companies in the world, he realized that it was no longer a good fit.

Determined to find his true calling, Gwen put on his trusty backpack once again and headed to South America. After experiencing the beautiful culture and people of Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, and Argentina, Gwen appreciated the numerous relationships he cultivated while traveling.

Gwen returned from his travels and immediately found his niche. He purchased his first property and completely remodeled an entire townhouse. Admiring his finished product, he realized he wanted to turn a mere interest into a career. Gwen realized that marrying his love for fostering relationships and his fascination for homes could very well fulfill his dreams. Thus, as time progressed, Gwen purchased more real estate while simultaneously deepening his experience in sales, as well as property management.

Gwen has sold various properties, ranging from condos, single family and multi-family apartments in the Bay Area. He understands that the purchasing or selling of real estate can be a daunting process. However, Gwen’s unique professional background has taught him that, to ensure a positive experience for any client, a real estate agent must have the right team in place—mortgage agent, escrow officer, appraiser, tradesmen, etc. Because of Gwen’s experience working on various teams prior to his career in real estate, he can guarantee an effortless journey to finding the dream home that you deserve.

  • We work with sellers, buyers, and investors who want their real estate transactions carried out efficiently and effectively.
  • We look forward to serving as your partner and resource for your next real estate experience.
  • Gwen has lived and worked in Foster City, San Mateo and the surrounding areas for the better part of his life. The peninsula is his home.
  • Often, people think realtors are all the same, but we vary in style and expertise.
    We are here to discover if our services fit your needs.

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