Pricing to Sell

What would you rather have? “The opportunity to negotiate with multiple buyers” or “not have the chance to negotiate at all.”

It is your choice…

Pricing To Sell

Pricing your property accurately is extremely important!

Below is a chart to show how important it is to price your home reasonably and attractively to your potential buyer. If your home is over priced for your area, less buyers will want to look at your property. If the price is comparable within your area, the results can be very satisfying as more potential buyers will want information about the home.

Listing Price Compared to Market Value% of Potential Buyers Interested in the Property
15% + Over Market Value10% of Buyers
10% + Over Market Value30% of Buyers
Listed at Market Value60% of Buyers
10% – Under Market Value75% of Buyers
15% – Under Market Value90% of Buyers
Pricing Beyond Market Value
  • Reduces the number of prospective buyers.
  • Helps to sell your competition by comparison.
  • Leads to mortgage rejection and loss of time Pricing At or Below Market Value.
  • Results in maximum price in a reasonable time.
  • Statistics tell us a house that sells in the first 30 days will bring the highest sale price.
  • Sales price has the potential to decline the longer a house remains on the market.

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