Recommendations for Choosing your Real Estate Agent

Your REALTOR® will keep you abreast of this rapidly changing industry, swings in market conditions, and the availability and demand for property inventory in San Mateo County. Your agent also guards your legal interests (along with your attorney) when facing tough negotiations or confusing contracts.

The safest way to hire a strong real estate agent is to interview more than one specialist.

Look for the following qualities..
  • Find a realtor that you can contact in numerous ways when you have questions and concerns. Active realtors are rarely at their desks. It is a bad sign if you are developing an intimate relationship with your Realtor’s answering machine. Make sure you work with someone who returns calls/emails in a timely fashion. There is nothing more aggravating than calling about a house, or an offer, and not hearing back for three or four days. If a Realtor is ‘too busy’ to return your call within 24 hours, they are probably too busy to properly represent you.
  • Get someone who listens to you. Is the Realtor asking you about what you want or are they trying to sell you what they have? Realtors work on commission. Often they will encourage you to purchase a more expensive home than you want if they know you qualify. Realtors are salespeople. It is common for salespeople to assert themselves in conversation to the extent that it becomes a monologue. The agent should listen carefully to your wants, needs, dreams and desires, asking questions that reveal the motivation and impetus underlying your objectives. Realtors, who ask a lot of questions, and focus on what YOU want, are more likely to help you achieve your goals.
  • Don’t call your agent after 8 p.m. unless it is an emergency or you have an appointment. Whereas it is a 24/7 occupation, Realtors have families, hobbies, extracurricular activities and errands too.
Full-time or real estate hobbyist:

Ask prospective Realtors if they work full time. Many people sell real estate as a hobby or for supplemental income. A seasoned agent, who actively seeks and views new properties every week, stays more in tune with the market. A Realtor working full time is available to you when you are in need. They are investing the time necessary to resolve problems that crop up during negotiations and inspections, as well as any issues that occur after the closing. By hiring a full time Realtor, you insure that their attention and services are full time.

Aside from the above two, its important to find someone that’s…

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